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Corporate & Work Events in Marbella


Building strong teams and fostering a positive corporate culture are crucial for success in today's competitive business world. Love Banus, a leading event management company in Marbella, Spain, specializes in providing exceptional team-building activities and company getaways designed to create unforgettable experiences for corporate clients. With a wide range of services, including pool parties, boat hire, and buggy safaris, Love Banus offers a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and team building to enhance collaboration and strengthen colleague relationships.

Pool Parties:

Love Banus offer some of the leading pool parties in Marbella. Imagine your team basking in the Mediterranean sun, surrounded by luxury and tranquillity at Marbella's exclusive venues. Our team will meticulously plan and organize every aspect, from poolside decorations and entertainment to catering and refreshments. Dive into the pool, relax on the sunbeds, enjoy music from renowned DJs, and savour delicious food and drinks, all while bonding with your colleagues in a vibrant atmosphere.

Corporate Events Marbella  Boat Hire

Boat Hire:

Marbella's stunning coastline and crystal-clear waters offer a magnificent backdrop for team-building activities. Love Banus can arrange private boat hire, allowing your team to embark on a thrilling adventure at sea. Whether it's a leisurely cruise along the coast or a snorkelling expedition, our experienced team will ensure an unforgettable experience. Strengthen bonds, encourage collaboration, and create lasting memories as you navigate the Mediterranean waters together.

Corporate Events Marbella  Buggy Safari

Buggy Safari & Go Karting:

If you're craving an adrenaline rush, our buggy safaris and go-karting experiences are just what you need! Get ready to explore Marbella's beautiful landscapes, tackle rugged terrains, and witness breathtaking views on a thrilling buggy safari. Alternatively, unleash your inner speed demon and challenge your colleagues to an exhilarating go-karting race. It's an action-packed adventure that will bring your team closer together. Our expert guides will make sure you're safe while you embrace the excitement and conquer challenges as a team. Get your heart racing and create unforgettable memories with Love Banus!

Corporate Events Marbella  Villa Accomodation

Accommodation and Event Planning

Leave all the nitty-gritty details to us! Love Banus will handle everything from accommodation arrangements and transportation logistics to venue selection, catering, and entertainment. With our vast network of partners and suppliers, we'll create a seamless and unforgettable experience that aligns perfectly with your company's goals and values.


At Love Banus, we're all about creating unforgettable experiences for corporate clients in Marbella. Whether it's throwing epic pool parties, arranging thrilling boat adventures, organizing heart-pumping buggy safaris, or customizing team-building workshops, we've got your back. Trust us to deliver an incredible and relaxed experience that will bring your team closer together, create lasting memories, and contribute to the growth and success of your organization. Get ready for a corporate getaway like no other with Love Banus.

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